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Ready To take Your Facebook Group to the next stage?

Let me help you!!!



Facebook Group Audit

During this audit, we will dig deep into your unique community and your business. By the end, you will have a clear overview of your community performance and possible areas of improvement.

Topics we may cover:

  • ​Branding your community: Identify the brand personality and the overall feel it has on your audience so you can leverage the tools that make your community easy to identify.
  • ​Community Onboarding experience: ​which means you can make new members feel welcome and comfortable in the community and direct them to relevant resources.
  • ​Community performance: ​So you're able to understand the topics that are most liked by your community and your most engaged members.
  • ​Community Settings: Define leaks in your backend so you can you can create healthier and safer community for your audience.
  • Identify top-performing content: Develop a true understanding of your audience's burning questions and immediate desires so that you can serve them better and boost your community's engagement.

For Only: $147

This isn't false scarcity, but I ONLY have 5 spaces that I can open up right now due to other own business commitments.

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Hey, I’m Asmaa

I bet our stories aren't all that different…

Before I started managing communities, I was a full time school teacher. 

Pregnant and with a young boy Jumping all around! 

I knew there has to be something different.

This is when communities came to a rescue.

Communities have changed my life.

And I believe that they can change yours as well! 

  • ​Meta Certified Community Manager
  • ​Clickfunnels Community Specialist of the Year award in 2021
  • ​While overseeing the Clickfunnels community during the last four years, I have helped thousands of clients improve their business, their careers and their lives.